SANJAM 014bis - KIDSGOFREE 'Dobra' CD (9 € port compris)

(11 titres / 45 minutes)

Deux ans après leur excellent ‘E’, revoilà donc les Kidsgofree avec leur troisième album. C’est à nouveau une collaboration avec le label espagnol Underhill. Leur emo rock influencé Faraquet et Engine Down est plus posé que sur leur précédent opus, plus mélodique. Un bel objet en tout cas que je vous encourage à vous procurer (hé hé !).

Back To Devon
Dance Of Days : Wow the packaging looks amazing and the music really I mean really rocks! Kidsgofree hail from Torrelavega, Spain and play energetic guitar rock with interesting rhythms (The drummer is insanely good!). They have the rock factor of Quicksand and the precession of Helmet. The production sounds really professional and almost compareable to a major label release. The lyrics are in english and no, you won't hear any spanish accent here. To tell you the truth I am blown away by this 2nd full length of Kidsgofree. If there is one legitimate successor of almighty Aina it definately is Kidsgofree. For friends of Texas Is The Reason, Rival Schools and Burning Airlines.